Francesco Bombardi is an architect (Politecnico di Milano, 1997) who has studied at ETSAB Barcelona and Domus Academy Milano, and teaches Industrial Design in Food at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where he is on the Engineering Faculty. He is the founder of Fab Lab Reggio Emilia (2012), founder and coordinator of Mak-ER, an Italian regional network of Fab Labs (2016), and primary consultant to the Ministero dell'Istruzione, Università e Ricerca to design new national guidelines for primary school laboratories. He was the ideator and director of "Officucina" for the Food Innovation Program (2015), architect and designer of the Design Thinking Area for Barilla (2015), and is the curator of the "Kitchen Tools" installation for the New Craft exhibit in the XXI Triennale di Milano (2016).





XXI Triennale di Milano -NEW CRAFT - Curator of  KITCHEN TOOLS exhibition- From wheat to 3D printed Pasta


MIUR - Ministero dell'Istruzione, Università e Ricerca - Roma IT - Consultant for New Labs Guidelines for Italian Schools


Fondazione Reggio Children - Designer of an ATELIER DI CUCINA for primary school -Verbania IT


ASTER - Coordinator of Mak-ER - Regional Fab Lab Network




Food Innovation Program - Designer and director of offiCUcina - Reggio Emilia IT


BARILLA - Designer of Design Thinking Area




Fab Lab Reggio Emilia - Digital Fabrication Laboratory - founder and manager -Reggio Emilia IT




BB Studio ‐ Urban Planning‐ Landscape‐ Architecture - Design . Director‐ Reggio Emilia. IT ‐




Studio Iosa Ghini ‐Architecture, Design, Corporate Identity, Communication, Web design. Project leader‐ Bologna.IT ‐




MCA Mario Cucinella Architects ‐Project leader‐ Bologna.IT




MCA Mario Cucinella Architects ‐Young architect‐ Paris.FR





2013-16: University of Modena and Reggio - Engeneering Faculty- Course: Industrial Design and Food Design


2013-14: IFTS Artigiani Digitali - Course in Digital Fabrication -  Reggio Emilia - IFOA and Faenza - ECIPAR





2016 : Edison Innovation Week - "Fab City . Nuovi cittadini dal cuore verde prendono forma (anche in 3D)" -Milano IT

2016 : Seeds and Chips - "3D printing for food- Spaces and vocations for the research" Milano IT

2015 : Re-Next - "offiCUcina" - Reggio Emilia IT

2015: Makerfaire Rome - "Food Design :Chocolate and Balsamic Vinagre"- Winner of the Blue Ribbon with Officucina-FIP

2013 : MUSE - Digital Fabrication for Food- Trento IT

2013 : TedX Bologna - "Fallo tu! Nuovi luoghi per la costruire idee" - Bologna IT

2013 : Alma Mater Bologna  - "Augmented Reality and Digital Fabrication" - Bologna IT




1995 : Escuela Tecnica Superior Arquitectura Barcelona. ES- Winner of 1 year grant

1996 : Domus Academy. Milano.IT ‐ Fashion Design . Summer session

1997 : Politecnico di Milano. IT - Graduated in Architecture

2005 : International Workshop WATER TOWN Dubrovnik.CR

2006 : International Workshop METROPOLIS . Lecco.IT , with S.O.M USA and Arep France

2008 : XXIII UIA World Congress International Workshop TRANSMITTING ARCHITECTURE Torino.IT

2008 : Urban Workshop ROSTA NUOVA. Reggio Emilia. IT

2012 : Workshop and international conference THE SOCIAL CITIES OF TOMORROW‐ Amsterdam ‐ NL

francesco bombardi R&D space designer - - piva 02550200352 - mobile 338 6802001

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